April 21, 2008

Teachers seem to like Unified's new reading system

I spent some time this morning researching Harcourt's StoryTown, the new $3 million elementary school reading system the Racine Unified School Board is expected to approve this week. Other teachers around the country seem to like the new system. I suspect most teachers are excited to get new materials to teach with. Here's a summary of what I found:

Teacher forum on Harcourt's StoryTown - "We got the brand spankin-new 2008 version in September. I teach 2nd and there is a lot to it!!! I was very overwhelmed at first and spend hours planning my reading for the week. It does get better with time and as the kids become more accustomed to it."

Teacher Forum:
- "As a new teacher it was nice because I could always find something to support the reading."

Teacher Forum: Our district adopted Storytown this year and I am finally feeling pretty good about it. It was hard at first because they had about 3 hours of activities planned for a day and we only had about 2 hours and 15 minutes to teach reading. ... I do like the robust vocabulary - I teach a higher reading group and my kids eat it up!

Free Downloads - This teacher in Florida is offering materials they made to work with Harcourt's StoryTown for other teachers.

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  1. Is Story Town appropriate for students with a reading disability?