April 25, 2008

Jet ski rentals proposed for North Beach

You may be able to rent jet skis and power surf boards (right) on North Beach this summer.

Brett Kaydo brought the proposal before the city's Board of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services meeting on April 23.

"We have to work out some of the details," Kaydo said after the meeting. "We're moving forward as far as the concept goes."

Placement of the rental equipment is one of the main details to be worked out, said Kaydo, who has yet to name the rental service.

As for exactly what will be available, Kaydo said nothing was final. He and other people involved with the proposal have access to jet skis and power surfboards.

"It will be a trial-and-error thing," he said. "We'll see what works."


  1. This sounds like a great idea - how 'bout that private sector! And if it doesn't work out, the taxpayers won't be eating the damages, like the the taxi. Can I get that for $10 - no. Wait, can I get that for $2 - yes.

  2. Does the rental fee include having that hot babe riding my board, I mean, riding on my board?? Man I'm feeling hungry!!

  3. Beware of PIER29 WATERSPORT Rental in RACINE!!!
    My credit card was just card almost $12,000 for returning 08 Kawasaki in the same shape I rented. They claimed we had a high speed collision which never happened. Funny that the staff didn't point out $12,000 worth of damage before we left the beach. I will definitely dispute this in court. If this is the way they run their business I'd advise anyone not to rent there.