April 7, 2008

Free cuppa Starbucks coffee on Tuesday...

Mystery solved! But you have to give Starbucks credit for knowing how to milk free publicity across the country.

In February, the chain shut down all its stores for three hours, to retrain its baristas. That sure made the papers.

This weekend, the ad above appeared in major dailies like the New York Times. Today comes the explanation: Starbucks is introducing a new blend of "everyday" coffee called "Pike Place Roast," and for 30 minutes will hand out free 8-ounce cups of it (That's a "short" in Starbucks-speak.) at every company-owned store.

For us, the only store handing out free coffee is the Starbucks at 5658 Washington Ave. (at the intersection of Highways 30 and 31). It does NOT mean the Starbucks counter inside Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

All the high-falutin' verbiage -- "the simple romance," "hand-scooped," "37 years of coffee roasting experience, knowledge and passion," yada yada -- about the new coffee is HERE.

Hey, folks: It's a cuppa coffee, fer cryin' out loud.

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  1. Dunn Brothers on Main Street in Racine has better coffee than Starbucks! So does Wilson Coffee on Washington. However, neither seem to offer free coffee!