April 7, 2008

1,600 cases of Miller beer stolen from Mount Pleasant company

Update: It's not the first time this has happened. In February 2006, a trailer with $25,000 worth of beer was stolen from Richfield, Wis. in Washington County. (Does anyone know where Dooley was this morning around 2 a.m.?)

Original Post: Folks, we're not making this up ...

Police are searching for two suspects accused of stealing 1,600 cases of Miller beer early Monday morning.

The suspects stole two semi tractors out of Will County, Ill. at 2 a.m., drove them to Hribar Trucking at 2151 S. East Frontage Road and managed to getaway with a trailer full of beer valued at $24,000 wholesale, according to Mount Pleasant police.

The suspects were interrupted during the theft and left one of the stolen trucks behind. The trailer itself was worth $7,100 and belonged to Schneider National.

The two stolen trucks came up from a business called ATSI in Will County, Ill. The stolen tractor left at the scene was a "White Volvo Tractor." The tractor that got away with the trailer is a White Freightliner.

The stolen trailer is white with blue Miller lettering, printing reads, "Great Taste of a True Pilsner Beer." Depicted on the side of the trailer is a bottle of Miller Beer and a Glass of Beer.

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