March 7, 2008

Racine making noise in England again ...

Racine is taking Great Britain by storm.

Or so it says in the Littlehampton Gazette:
Wendy James took the media by storm when she fronted the late 1980s pop band Transvision Vamp. Now she's coming back to Brighton from her New York home with her band Racine, who released second album Racine 2 last year.
Ah, the band Racine. Never heard of it, eh? You must be over 30. The band introduced its first CD in September 2006. Their second CD came out this week.

From Racine's website, an explanation of their music:
Danceable art punk rhythm and blues, full of breathless New Wave rush. Razor sharp lyrics. Bare soul with beautiful harmony. An adrenaline fueled sound reminiscent of a young Bobby D or even the Velvets. The perfect cocktail of dirty blues and punk attitude. Sweet soul, arousing the lowdown groove that sparks the impressive and sensual sensation of Racine. Riffing garage pop/rock sliding. Seductive New Wave serenading. Quality boom and bap. Essential underground for your ears. Racine is for dancing like a ...
Yeah, well we had to censor at that point. We're no music critics -- and can barely remember what 30 was like -- so a little Racine goes a long way. But don't take our word for it. Just click below for the full effect. (A word to the wise: Turn down your speakers.)

(NOTE: Sometimes the YouTube connection below is dicey; if that's the case for you, just click HERE to go directly to the band's site and listen to seven of their tunes.) There's more music on their MySpace page as well.

Not bad, actually: It's got a nice beat, and you can dance to it...

Available at both iTunes and Amazon.

P.S. I could find no explanation about the origin of the band's name. Any fans out there who can fill us in?

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