March 2, 2008

Our Winter so far: 'One for the Ages'

Only a weatherman would rhapsodize about 100 inches of snow like this:

Incredibly snowy... 100 inches ... one for the ages!

Oh, yeah! Now I'm excited.

As the National Weather Service puts it:
"The 2007-08 winter season has been incredibly snowy...with all locations in south-central and southeast Wisconsin exceeding their normal snowfall for an entire winter season through 8 a.m. Feb. 29. Above is a graphic showing roughly how much snow has fallen this winter season through Saturday. It’s safe to say that by the end of the winter many locations will be in the 85 to 100 inch range (roughly double a normal winter snowfall)...and several places will exceed 100 inches.

So we are talking about many, new, all-time winter snowfall records being set this for the ages!
Feel better about the snow now?

More of the delightful details HERE. Madison set a snowfall record this year -- oh, joy! -- and Milwaukee's winter now ranks 10th overall -- but, of course, we're not done yet.

P.S. More of the white stuff is predicted overnight.

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