May 11, 2011

Racine Board of Health Considers Banning Smoking in Parks

The North Beach Oasis and city golf courses would be exempt from a proposal to ban smoking in city parks considered by the Board of Health on Tuesday.

Under the proposal, the Oasis is listed as a "city owned and leased food and recreational establishment at North Beach" and included as an "exception" to a change that would ban smoking in city parks, beaches, sports fields, and playgrounds. "Designated areas" on golf courses are also listed as an exception to the ordinance.

On a voice vote, the board decided Tuesday to table the proposal while it gathers more information.

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  1. As one of only three people in the meeting room last Tuesday that was not a paid Health Dept. employee or Board of Health member, I can report that the information the Board intends to gather is regarding legal issues surrounding the exemption for the Oasis and how many council votes they will loose if that exemption status was to be removed.

    Before the decision to check with the City Attorney on legal issues pertaining to the Oasis, the Board Chairman directed a question to both Alderman Kaplan and Alderman Mozel in the effect of what would removing the exemption for the Oasis do with regard to political ramifications?

    It would seem the problem with second hand smoke in open air isn't important if you're a golfer or a regular patron of the Oasis. IMHO it doesn’t seem important if it is going to lower the 10% gross profits the city makes in revenue from these interests or if you will loose political support in an upcoming election. One way or the other the golf courses will remain exempt if things go as discussed in that meeting. Can’t say I’ve witnessed anything that was much more disingenuous then that meeting was in quite awhile.

    If you enjoy Party on the Pavement or First Friday’s on Monument Square, you will not be allowed to smoke there either if this ordinance passes. Something else you might like to know, you have no Constitutional Rights as a Smoker according to the proponents of this blatantly prejudicial and discriminatory ordinance.

  2. If all the smokers looked like the girl in the picture, I'd let them smoke wherever they wanted!

  3. I agree with Anon. She could even smoke in bed if she wanted to - afterward of course! Ahhh, I better shut up while I still can.

  4. fascinating... every public park in the city ~excepting~ the ones you pay to golf at or the one you pay to drink at? looks to me like discrimination against folks who don't golf or consume alcohol. and i would love to hear the logic behind allowing smoking at the publicly owned pavillion but not at any privately owned bar in town. and ~yes~, the pavillion is a BAR.

  5. I agree with your article, its a good step..

  6. Its really great news..I agree with you..Everyone comes in the park for healthier life..Smoking is dangerous for both smokers and non smoker..Especially in the park it may affect on children..