April 3, 2011

M&I Banks Says Goodbye to Little White Bank Envelopes

Quirky little story I came across this week at M&I Bank this week (yes, yes, pro-union folks, this is my bank). The company is replacing its little white envelopes at the drive up with reusable plastic cases. The "Cash Caddy"
is billed as a way to protect the environment. I'm sure it doesn't hurt the bank's bottom line, either.

Anyone else notice the change? Will you miss the white envelopes?

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  1. Who cares. Blog about something of substance.

  2. Exactly. We have an election in 2 days, but the pro-Dickert media choose to ignore the NSP lawsuit, the shutting down of a fundraiser at DP Wigley Co that also means the end of Great Lakes Brewfest, Dickert's and the Journal Times' lies about Marcus' developer story, etc., etc.

    What, me, worry? Party on, pedos!

  3. Hey i don't know about that. Thanks for informing.

  4. I've used this product. Great idea. No paper envelopes littering my car. It cuts costs for MY bank and reduces the use of paper. What is not to like??

  5. I'm pro union and this is my bank, too. It has been my bank for many years since they took over Security Savings. Why did you feel the need to make that remark? Just makes you look foolish. Union people CAN think for themselves.