February 8, 2011

Racine's Top 5 Restaurants for Valentine's Day Dinner

With Valentine's Day less than a week away, here our list of five great Racine restaurants to celebrate. (Only rule was they had to be in the City of Racine.) We know you'll disagree ... add the places we missed in the comments. Here we go ...

5. Olde Madrid
4. Salute
3. Asiana
2. Wells Brothers
1. Kewpee's

Also considered ...

Chuck E. Cheese (if you're bringing the kids), Circa Celeste (if you don't mind celebrating Saturday - they're closed Sundays and Mondays), Shogun (with a group of people), Blue Diamond (just because we like it!), Chancery (fun to sit at the bar), Shilling's (for the breakfast burger)

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  1. Only 5..must be Dickerts fault

  2. Dickert = Failure

  3. All good. Another one: Sticky Rice.

  4. Marcus = corruption

  5. marcus is bought and paid for by unions.

  6. Alright, jackals, hijack another post.

  7. Salute's is always a great place to eat. Don't forget Corner House. Salute = great Italian Corner House = great prime rib. Darn, now I'm hungry again.

  8. JohnnyLenscap2/08/2011 8:59 PM

    Seriously...c'mon people. Here it is:

    1 - Sebastian's
    2 - Shogun
    3 - Olde Madrid
    4 - Waves
    5 - Jose's Blue Sombrero

  9. What about Corner House? Much nicer then some of the above mentioned places of you're looking for something a little more special.

    Dino's is always good too, the neighborhood is getting a little questionable but their food is always great.

  10. Johnny ... that's a good list, but we ruled out Sebastian's because it's technically in Caledonia. Jose's would be fun with a group. Order the table-side sangria...

  11. Peg & Lou's Bar and Grill
    Has a great steak dinner every Saturday
    10oz NY Strip, baked potatoe, salad, amd garlic bread for only $12.00
    This saturday is for Valentine's

  12. Infusino's
    The Soup
    Out of the Pan

  13. One of the true gems of a romantic night out would be hands down THE PINK MAGNOLIA DOWNTOWN RACINE I recently ate there and expericend a wonderfull meal I had for starters crab cakes they so moist and yet crunchy also had the jumbo shrimp cocktail shrimp was nice and fresh for dinner we had the 8oz fillet and 6oz cold water lobster tail it was heavenly couldnt of asked for a better meal after that there was a band called duo sonic the were ammazing i tell you they set that special mood.My hats of to the staff and the owners thatnks for a memerable night.