June 30, 2010

Ryan unimpressed with Obama's visit, speech

Congressman Paul Ryan, R-WI, 1st District, sent out the following press release after President Obama's visit to Racine today:
“I’m pleased the President came to Racine today, but I was rather shocked by the harsh partisan tone the President brought with him. The very real challenges facing Southern Wisconsin cannot be met by Washington’s failed economic policies. Wisconsinites understand that you can't take money from the productive sector of our economy, funnel it through Washington, and create jobs.

"His speech sounded more like a campaign speech by a divider, not a uniter; by a partisan, not a President. It tells me that the President is not interested in learning from economic mistakes; but rather is set on repeating them.

"The President told a city with an unemployment rate over 14%: ‘The stimulus worked. You just don’t know it.’ That is out of touch and it encapsulates the frustrations I hear every week in Wisconsin.

"The President told Wisconsinites that if the Federal government hadn’t taken over two auto companies, workers at Chrysler and General Motors would have lost their jobs. These comments are hardly a comfort to the thousands of former auto workers in Janesville, Kenosha and Oak Creek. The disconnect between Wisconsin and Washington couldn’t be wider. Those running Washington have doubled-down on a failed debt-financed spending spree. We need to chart a new fiscal and economic course, reform government and put in place a plan for growth - and a plan for prosperity.”