February 8, 2010

US Cellular may study building cell phone tower in Lockwood Park

US Cellular may study placing a cell phone tower in Lockwood Park.

The Public Safety and Licensing Committee voted in favor of allowing the cell phone company to consider a tower, which could end up bringing money into the city's coffers.

US Cellular is at least the third company to consider a tower in the park. Parks Director Donnie Snow said it was unclear why the last two requests fell through. One complication is the park is built on a former landfill, which requires extensive footings for any new tower.

Alderman Jim Kaplan, citing the lease payments US Cellular would pay for the site, said he hopes this tower goes through.

"I hope one of these will stick," he said about the cell phone tower. "It'll bring in some income for the city by granting them to right to build there."

But while US Cellular may study the site, the city isn't allowed to study US Cellular - or at least the health effects of its towers.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits local governments from regulating cellular towers based on environmental and health effects. It's actually illegal for the city to even take public comments on the potential health hazards of cell phone towers.

Some are beginning to question the law, possibly with good reason (or maybe not). Los Angeles and Portland have passed ordinances opposing the 1996 law, and other cities around the country seem to be ignoring it.

Alderman David Maack, who went through a big fight over a cell phone tower at the Racine Zoo, asked Snow Monday night about the process the city would follow if the tower moves forward.

Snow said it would be similar to the past with an opportunity for public input and further review by the city. Monday night's vote didn't mean the committee was supporting the tower, he said. 

"This does not commit the city to anything," Snow said. 

The proposal to allow US Cellular to study building a tower in Lockwood Park now moves to the City Council for final approval. The council is next scheduled to meet Feb. 16. 


  1. If the people would just wake up ... EMF is dangerous to our brains .. and some peoples hearts are effected with EMF ..google this EMF and do your own research ..

  2. No kidding! All the hard work that went into building that park, and now let's build a tower there to generate a few bucks. This is a serious health concern, and although it's not widely acknowledged yet, it will be someday and everyone will be scratching their heads, wondering why we built a cancer tower in a park.

  3. Yeah...and I hear it shoots kittens with laser beams too!

  4. Lets ruin one of most frequented city parks.

  5. Can they put a big flag on it, too? I thought that would have looked really neat at the zoo.

  6. Tim the Shrubber2/09/2010 3:07 PM

    No one wants a tower, yet we a complain when cell coverage is bad. We are a fickle public.

  7. Put a wind turbine on it and call it a green project.

  8. Put it in front of Mr. Angry's basement window!

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  10. Why object to such a thing? Can we not use jobs in Racine? This project would not cost the residents a dime. Cell One would build and maintain the tower and pay a monthly payment, the monies could be used to off set Parks and Recs budget thus helping to relieve some of the tax burden. People it is time to think out of the box. If Cell One wants a tower they will find a loop hole to build it! Wether it is at the hospital or one of the areas cemetary's it will happen. Wouldn't you rather it benefit you than someone else?

  11. Didn't we just spend $60,000+ to upgrade this park ??Parks and Rec is not smart enough to recupe anything to lower our taxes ,they only know how to spend, spend !! Its time to stop ALL unnecessary spending !!

  12. 12:22 the money for the play ground was from grants not our taxes. I really wish that people who don't have a clue, would get one before blogging, it show's your true stpidity.

  13. 9:16
    show me your numbers.
    I have THE numbers.