December 23, 2009

Marcus announces run for City Council

Eric Marcus formally announced Wednesday he's running to replace Alderman Bob Anderson on the Racine City Council. Anderson declined to seek re-election in the April 6 election. So far, Marcus is the only candidate to publicly declare for the Second District seat.

Here's Marcus's statement announcing his campaign:
Marcus Runs For Alderman

(Racine) Eric Marcus filed as a candidate for alderman in Racine's 2nd District. He collected nearly three times the number of required nominating signatures in less than four days.

Marcus lives and started a business in the 2nd District.

“A lot of people talk about creating jobs,” said Marcus. “I have a record of actually creating more than 20 new jobs in the District. Marcus has more than 25 years of business management experience. He currently serves on the City Plan Commission.

"The people of this District told me they did not want a restrictive historic district. They said they did not want a residential facility for teen fathers in a district neighborhood. I worked hard to defeat both of them.” Marcus led the public hearing on the proposed Southside Historic District and made the motion opposing its creation. He led the Plan Commission's opposition to the residential facility.

"Racine has a rich history as a center for business and innovation", said Marcus. “I'm running for alderman because I want to make Racine a vital player in the 21st century economy, to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses, and to create new jobs."

Marcus participated in drafting a 25-year plan for Racine targeting business development, housing and transportation. “As an alderman I can bring even more leadership and experience to the city. My goal is to generate new ideas, new hope, and a plan for Racine's future in which every person counts," said Marcus.

Marcus is a veteran and is active in community organizations. He is serving his second term as president of Preservation Racine, taught a course in Racine history at UW-Parkside and was a volunteer income tax preparer. Marcus and his wife reside on College Avenue.


  1. Sounds pretty good, what is his business ?

  2. go to
    He owns Woofdorf Astoria and there is a nice little video piece on him

  3. All aldermen are A-holes.

  4. Well then, Merry Christmas to you, too.

  5. OK - what's his real agenda - is he a union hack, out for a special TIF for his business, want manditory pet insurance.......?

    Lets start digging up the skeletons in his and his family closet.

    Come on we are talking true Chicago style politics now.

  6. Hopefully Marcus can help us get a neighborhood school. We need help with all the latch key and absent parent kids that are being educated by gang bangers.

  7. Honestly, I've had my pet at his business, and it was nothing special. Very pricey actually. Don't know the man however.

  8. Tim the Shrubber12/28/2009 6:15 AM

    "All aldermen are A-holes."

    But they are nothing compared to Anonymous blog commenters. That is where you find the big pile of steaming cr...

  9. They all say they are going to do this or that. But once they are elected it is another story. We will see if he actually gets elected if he will listen and act on behalf of district 2.


    Here him Speak on the issues Thursday 9:00 AM live