October 9, 2009

HALO makes it official: Cookman is new director

The Board of Directors of HALO has made official what we reported on Sept. 30: they have a new executive director. Here's their take on it, along with a picture of Kevin Cookman:

The HALO Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Kevin Cookman has been hired as Executive Director of the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization, Inc. (HALO) and will assume his responsibilities on Oct. 19.

Responsibilities include leading, directing and managing the organization to maximize outcomes in a fiscally responsible manner. A graduate of Purdue University with a Master's in Business Administration, Cookman has a wide variety of well-honed management and leadership skills. As the president and program manager of a non-profit working in developing countries for the last 4 ½ years, he discovered a model for a Transition Home that allows each house to become financially self-sustaining. He will be using this model to creatively address sustainability needs and new projects for HALO.

Cookman has a history with HALO having led a team of 150 volunteers from Evangelical United Methodist Church in Racine in a special volunteer day for HALO for the past two years. Creative, mission-driven, inquisitive, and relationship-focused, Cookman is committed to helping HALO achieve financial sustainability while continuing to build on the existing strengths of the organization. Cookman lives in Racine, serves on several different boards, is a member of Rotary Founders and is married with two children.

HALO was created four years ago as a community led effort to provide services for those experiencing homelessness. HALO is committed to preventing chronic homelessness in Racine County by meeting shelter needs, coordinating supportive services and providing community leadership. HALO has served over 3,000 individuals since its open


  1. Kevin will be a great asset to HALO and is a wonderful person. I am excited to see where he takes this.

  2. Michael Kroes10/10/2009 10:13 AM

    Based on what is stated in the article, Kevin seems to be a very good choice to lead the HALO origanization.

  3. Kevin is very dedicated to anything he is connected too. He will do a great job. He is compassionate and business savy at the same time.

  4. huh.. informative post..