August 17, 2009

Library offers 1,000 'books' for your iPod

Your iPod playlist just got (potentially) longer.

The Racine Public Library now has 1,000 audiobooks available for download onto Apple devices, through OverDrive.

The Racine Public Library is a member of the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC), and has received news that OverDrive, the library’s downloadable service, has updated the WPLC Digital Download Center, to enable 1,000 of the audiobook titles for download to Apple devices, including the iPod. Information about this new feature has been added to the home page and help section of the site.

The 1,000 titles are among 3,776 offered in the WPLC collection. Not all 3,776 titles are compatible with Apple devices; individual publishers decide which of their titles may be offered with this feature. The service also offers 189 MP3 titles, a different format.

From the WPLC Digital Download Center, patrons may find the 1,000 iPod compatible titles in the “Take a Look” search field on the left navigation pane. The new link is entitled, “iPod-compatible Audiobooks.” Detailed information and FAQ’s are available in the site’s help section under "OverDrive WMA Audiobook/The Basics.”

For information on how to download audiobooks, visit the Racine Public Library’s website and access the link, “eBooks & eAudio.” Assistance is also available by contacting the Reference Desk at 262-636-9217.


  1. Is this the reason why the City of Racine is proposing to construct a new library?

    Rather than constuct that new library, I can offer a shelf in my closet were my server is located. I have an extra 50GB that should be enough for a couple of thousand books.

  2. MP3 files are also compatible with Apple devices, the city's crack IT team should know this.