March 2, 2009

Empty Bowls brought out the pols, too

Greg Helding, Jim Spangenberg and John Dickert serve up the soup

Racine's 10th Empty Bowls fundraiser certainly brought out Racine's mayoral candidates -- not to mention hundreds of people happily contributing to help fight hunger in the community.

My apologies to anyone I missed during the time I spent there this morning, taking pictures and then taking my turn serving Navy Bean, Pasta Fazool and Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese soups. You practically could have held the primary during the 11-12 a.m. serving, as Mayor Tom Friedel anchored one end of the big serving line, and County Exec. Bill McReynolds the other -- bookending Jim Spangenberg, John Dickert, Greg Helding and Jim Kaplan. Kim Plache showed up to eat (her serving time would come later); even former City Administrator Ben Hughes went through the line.

Next to me during the noon shift was Bob Turner (who got stuck with vegetarian offerings; not a good omen). Jeff Coe also worked that shift, along with Donnie Snow. David Maack went through the serving line, his time behind the counter scheduled tonight.

Serving at the Masonic Center, 1011 Main St., will continue from 4 to 7 p.m. tonight.

Our earlier story is here.

Bill McReynolds fills Kim Plache's bowl

Mayor Tom Friedel ladles out lunch

Hundreds of hand-made bowls awaited diners


  1. I thought Kim Plache getting a handout from a person working in government was a photo generalizing her political career.

  2. I met John Dickert at the event. He makes the most sense out of all the candidates I have met.

  3. This was a charity event and Helding is campaigning. He has no tact and will not get my vote.

  4. Tina-

    Nice try. I am sure Helding did not have your vote in the first place. Do you think Dickert, Turner, Spangneberg, and Plache were just there to be charitable?

    Anon- There is no need to get nasty just because you don't support a candidate.

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  6. I am sure this event was planned long before the Becker fiasco, so I am sure the aldermen who are now running for mayor were asked as aldermen and not as candidates for mayor. There were many aldermen there serving who are not running. Before we can accuse people of doing this for the sole reason of campaigning, we need to examine the facts.

  7. Everyone knows during campaign time, candidates will be seen at places and events they aren't normally seen at. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but that's the reality of running for office. I doubt all these people would have been there if they weren't running for office. I'm ok with that though.

  8. DICKert, what a joke!