December 6, 2008

What's better than a book? A big handful of them!

Books everywhere, as far as the eye could see -- piled on the floor, in boxes, tightly clutched in the hands of hundreds -- thousands, actually -- of eager Racine kids.

This was the scene at Merchants Moving and Storage warehouse Saturday as Cops N Kids and the State Street Civic Association -- assisted by more volunteers than you could count from all over the community -- handed out some 40,000 books. There was no assigned reading; each child filled a bag with as many books as would fit ... and just the books he or she wanted.

This is the seventh year Julia Burney's dream has been fulfilled in such a massive way, as moms and dads escorted their kids to the age-appropriate stacks of books -- continually refreshed -- and helped them choose what they want. In between treats from Culver's, a visit to Santa's lap for a photo, arts and crafts projects, signatures from law enforcement personnel and more. But enough talk: Let's go right to the pictures.

Santa joins Merchants' Jim Eastman
and Cops N Kids' founder Julia Burney Witherspoon


  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures:) Books & Kids...what could be better!

  2. What a beautiful event! Thank God for Julia Burney-Witherspoon and her huge heart! Happy Holidays to everyone.

  3. Straight from the heart, you have touch so many Julia..I am making plans to come visit and donate my time to your organization....GW

  4. Wow, Mrs. Witherspoon does it again! The "Angel" who does it all and asks for nothing in return. Thank You Julia! JW JR (OR)