August 16, 2008

Flashinski reports campaign endorsements

Linda Flashinski, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Robin Vos, R-Caledonia, in the 63rd Assembly District, reports the following endorsements of her candidacy:
The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters has endorsed Linda based on her “strong support of conservation” and her “commitment to Wisconsin’s natural resources.” The Progressive Majority of Wisconsin has endorsed Linda based on her “strong support of a multi-issue progressive agenda” and “the commitment (she) has demonstrated to (her) campaign.” The Wisconsin Social Workers PAC of the National Association of Social Workers has endorsed Linda for sharing the concerns “that affect human well-being.” The Executive Board of the Retired Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin has also endorsed Linda as have numerous labor organizations including the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, the Racine County Labor Council AFL-CIO, the Racine Labor Coalition, AFSCME Local 67 and 67A, AFSCME Sub Chapter 133, CWA 4611, IBEW 430 and, Teamsters Local 43.

”It is a true honor to be endorsed by these groups,” said Linda. “I have been an advocate for the concerns that matter most to the people of Wisconsin, and these groups reflect the issues that we must move forward. When I am elected, I will work for health care reform, an improved economy, strong public education, an energy policy based on conservation and renewable energy sources, and vigorous protection of Wisconsin’s lakes, farmlands, air, and water. I understand the need for focusing our limited resources on those things that will most improve the quality of life for the people of Wisconsin now and in the future.”


  1. So what's the big news here? Social service PACs, environmental PACs, laundry list of labor unions endorsing a democrat...would you expect anything else? If they would have endorsed that would have been news worth publishing.

  2. J-T lite strikes again!

  3. Hey Colt, this isn't the J-T. It is the Racine Post work. Pete did this work, but your right in one thing it is two losers of the J-T that got fired.

  4. Leftie groups endorse a leftie, film at 11.

    Hey guys, you don't need to run every press release. Some of them are just stupid.

  5. When all the public employee unions endorse a candidate, you can bet they represent their own pocketbooks, not the taxpayers.