August 29, 2008

2,000 miles away, local Democrats cheer Obama

Local Democrats gathered at Park 6 last night to watch Barack Obama accept their party's nomination for president. The crowd was dazzled by the speech, chanting along with the Denver crowd and exploding in applause at key moments. People even shed tears during Obama's talk and took pictures of Obama on the TV screen put up in the club.

Here's some photos from the night (lighting was terrible, so apologies in advance):

About 100 people watched the speech (possibly more ... it was hard to count).

People cheered along with the Denver crowd.

A handful of kids were there, including this 4-year-old girl.

Corinne Owens gave a speech before Obama's speech.


  1. looks more like about 25 people...get real.

  2. no, there was definitely upwards of 100-150 people in there.