May 28, 2008

Lehman elected Senate Democratic Caucus chair

Sen. John Lehman's released this statement today:
Madison – By a unanimous vote today, Senate Democrats elected Senator John Lehman of Racine as Caucus Chair. Lehman will replace Senator Roger Breske who is leaving the legislature to become state Commissioner of Railroads.

The primary duties of the caucus chair are to schedule and preside over meetings of the Senate Democrats.

Lehman said, “I’m honored to have earned the trust of my fellow Democratic Senators and to be selected as their caucus chair. Each one of us comes to Madison to represent the interests of our diverse constituents. My job as caucus chair is to help make sure that each Democratic Senator, on behalf of the people they represent, has the opportunity to be heard.”

In addition to his new role as Democratic Caucus Chair Lehman continues to serve on the Joint Committee on Finance, Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules, Senate Committee on Economic Development, Senate Committee on Labor, Elections and Urban Affairs and chair of the Senate Education Committee.

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