May 5, 2008

Flashinski to challenge Vos for 63rd district seat

It's now official: Linda Flashinski, best known, perhaps, as a former president of the Racine Unified School Board, and later as the district's spokesperson, will run against Robin Vos, R-Caledonia, the 63rd Assembly District's two-term representative.

Here's her announcement:

"Today I am announcing my candidacy for Representative of the 63rd Assembly District because of my belief that this is a time for a new vision for the 63rd. We need a vision that focuses on the needs of those who are struggling in a weakened economy. We need reform in health care delivery so that all people receive the services they deserve at costs that are affordable. We need the increased economic development which KRM could bring to this area. We need more jobs that pay a living wage, and enough work so that young people have hope for the future. We need public education systems that are supported financially and that honor the work of our committed educators. We need protection of the Great Lakes and all of the natural resources in our beautiful state. We need all of this and so much more.

"My goal is to be a voice for the people of the 63rd Assembly District and the state of Wisconsin as we work for needed reform, and for the values that Wisconsinites hold dear. Should I be the one honored to represent the 63rd Assembly District as State Representative, I will listen to constituents, act on their behalf, and represent them well at the state level. I care about Wisconsin, and I commit to working very hard to make a difference."

Her campaign biography lists the following:

B.S. degree from UW-Madison in English Education. Moved to Racine with her husband, Stan, in 1976. She was President of Gifford Elementary PTA, and Co-President of PTA Council. a member of the RUSD Board of Education from 1993-99, and Board President from 1996-99. Some groups she's served: the Racine Heritage Museum, AAUW, PDK, the Festival of Trees, the Root-Pike Watershed Initiative, the Literacy Council, the Kids First Fund, the Wisconsin Legislative Committee for At Risk Children.

Over the years, she has worked as Director of Communication for Racine Unified, Associate Director of Family Service of Racine, Adjunct Instructor in Writing at Gateway Technical College, and teacher at Parkside’s College for Kids. For six years, she has hosted “Education Matters” and “Community Matters” on WGTD.


  1. How can someone who had such a huge hand in destroying our public school system even be considered by voters for this job. There is nothing that Linda is going to do that is going to make Racine or the district any better. I'm a democrat but I will be writing a check for Robin if she is the only person running against him.

  2. Explain to me just how she destroyed the public school system, how ridiculous a statement is that. So, list the reasons and be specific as to the reasons one person destroyed RUSD

  3. Linda would be a major upgrade in the state political system. I know Vos to be a liar! We need more people who speak the truth in state government.

  4. It's about time Voss test some stiff competition and eventually gets tossed out. He has been playing his district for years. Throw the guy out of office.

  5. Linda would be a major downgrade .
    Look at her record with our school system. We do not need her at the state level.

  6. please toss our the comments of anon#3...

    Should you really allow people to come out and claim someone is a liar like that without word 1 to back it up?

  7. We need a candidate who lives in the 21st century and is a visionary in order to build a future for Racine County and its residents. Robin Vos' continued opposition the KRM rail shows his lack of vision and politics and "leadership" as business as usual.

    Congratulations to Linda Flashinski for stepping up to the plate to challenge this way of thinking!

  8. Vos is a puppet of Paul Ryan. We need a person that can think in the assembly and not dummy spouting rhetortic.

  9. Linda Flashinski is a puppet also, Greenfeild and School Union.....

  10. I'm voting for Obama, but I'm not voting for Linda Flashinski. I thought Linda was going to be a fresh voice, but the postcard her campain sent me yesterday really disappointed me. Two sentences in, she said "Like you, I'm a middle class taxpayer". Does she really think everyone she sent this to is middle class? Does she even know what "middle class" means?

    My husband plows her neighbor's driveway on her block and her neighbor runs Twin Disc. My husband also plows Jim Macilvane's driveway in the same neighborhood and he's a retired NBA player! I know some of the other people in that neighborhood and Linda Flashinski is surrounded by doctors and lawyers.

    I don't know what Linda Flashinski thinks "middle class" is, but I think it's the people who work at Twin Disc, not the people who run it. I don't think doctors are "middle class" either, but there patients are.

    I don't know how many real middle class people could afford to live in Linda Flashinski's neighborhood. I don't have a problem with Linda's family being wealthy, but I wish she wouldn't pretend to be someone she's not. I now realize she's just like all the other politicians, telling us whatever they think we want to hear.