March 10, 2008

City stats: Racine crime near 20-year low

The city released some good news about crime in Racine today. Property crimes in Racine are down 34 percent over the past 20 years, and thefts, burglaries and auto thefts were at or near 20-year lows in 2007, according to crime stats compiled by city officials.

Below are the numbers. If you can't see the spreadsheet, click here to see the results or here to download the spreadsheet.

Other findings:

* Calls for service are down from 99,903 in 1991 to 81,086 in 2007.

* Rapes doubled from 15 in 2006 to 30 in 2007.

* Burglaries and auto thefts are at 20-year lows.

* There were 945 thefts in 2007, the second lowest total in the last 20 years. There were 943 reported thefts in 1999.

* Robberies have increased every year since 2003, reaching 281 in 2007.

* Violent crimes have also increased year since 2003, reaching 509 in 2007. There were 316 in 2003.

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  1. Could you add the number of police officers in the department for each year?