March 27, 2010

Rite of Spring: Artists invite us into their studios

Jerry Belland's work caught this visitor's eye

The annual rite of Spring opened the doors of artists' studios at the Racine Business Center -- giving artists a chance to show off their newest work and art lovers a reason to think about redecorating. Dale's Upstairs Gallery and Gallerie G were also open.

More than a dozen artists were on hand Saturday to talk about their work, meet old friends and -- hopefully -- sell a piece or two to finance their future efforts. Here's a sampling of what we saw as we traipsed from studio to studio, talking to the artists as we wandered.

 Maureen Fritchen displayed large abstract murals, and found-object assemblages
The one on the table used stuff found at Habitat's Re-Store
 A dot here, a dot there... and Daniel Fortney's paintings came to life

 Marjorie Meyer offered her individually designed purses

From Racine to New Orleans and back: Roberta Williams returned to her roots
after Hurricane Katrina, displaying pendants, jewelry and collages
made in her new studio here.

 Sally Miller works on a digital creation, blending images from multiple photos

The brass pitcher and red platter on his worktable are finding their way into a painting
-- as Greg Helding sketches his next move. You can see the finished painting
at next year's show, he says, "if it hasn't sold before then!"


  1. Didn't see this post on the main page. Did I over look it?

  2. Patience, grasshopper.

  3. Nice stuff. Too bad nobody in this town can afford to buy any of it.

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