July 25, 2009

Festa di Zumba burns off the calories

Somehow, calisthenics in the hot sun take on a different dimension when the Drill Sergeant is replaced by half a dozen attractive and energetic Zumba instructors. And when the grunts Drill Sergeants make are replaced by Latin music ... well, you have the reason hundreds of Racinians were doing calisthenics ... um, dancing? in the hot sun at Festival Park on Saturday.

Racine's first Festa di Zumba helped open Roma Lodge's 31st Italian Festival, which takes place this weekend. Zumba, a dance-based aerobic workshop, set to Latin music, is making a name for itself here. We first noticed it at the Relay for Life a few weeks ago, but actually classes have been available since last summer. Local instructor Victor Nino will lead free Zumba classes on North Beach every Saturday in August, starting at 11 a.m.

As you can see from the pictures, men and women of all shapes and sizes were having a great time. More information about Racine Zumba events and classes is HERE.


  1. I LOVE Zumba! Victor, the lead instructor, does an amazing job of making the work-out so much fun. Everytime I do Zumba I have a smile on my face for hours!

  2. I was invited to go to Zumba classes on Tues nite. I guess I will go now. I will be soooo HOT!!! LOL

  3. Sassa - bring a water bottle :)

  4. from the looks of it the prereq is you have to dress weird. :D

  5. I notice these things7/27/2009 9:52 AM

    Wow. That instructor is a total hottie. What a beautiful woman! And she is in incredible shape. Good for her!